Although we’re starting to meet back together in the building, there are a lot of measures in place to try and keep each other safe. Some people still aren’t comfortable coming out, so we’ll try and publish the service here shortly after it was live.

Sunday 18th April

Open minds

This week we explore feelings in faith.


Sunday 11th April

Testing truth

This week we explore how we come to believe.


Sunday 4th April – Easter Day

Great Eggspectations

This week we will be concluding our Lent Series, celebrating the resurrection.

This week’s reading is taken from John 20:1,11-12,14-16


Friday 2nd April

Good Friday

Today we will be doing a brief recap of events leading up to this day, before looking at the cross itself.


Sunday 28th March (Palm Sunday)



Sunday 21st March (5th Sunday in Lent)



Sunday 14th March (4th Sunday in Lent)



Sunday 7th March (3rd Sunday of Lent)



Sunday 28th February (2nd Sunday of Lent)



Sunday 21st February

I believe in eternal life

This week we come to the last in our series, looking at ‘The Creed’. It’s been good to stop and remind ourselves what we believe, and the creed sets out the core truths of Christianity – the beliefs that, above all else, should shape the way we live our lives as God’s people.

This week’s creed statement is:

On the third day [Jesus] rose again; he ascended into heaven, he is seated I believe in… the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.