Although we’re starting to meet back together in the building, there are a lot of measures in place to try and keep each other safe. Some people still aren’t comfortable coming out, so we’ll try and publish the service here shortly after it was live.

Sunday 25th July

A big lunch

This week we explore bringing what we have and sharing what God makes of it.


Sunday 18th July

The rhythm of rushing and resting

This week we explore the importance of balance in how we use our time.


Sunday 11th July

The practice of power

This week we explore who and what rules our actions.


Sunday 4th July

God sufficient

This week we explore being prepared to be vulnerable.

The Bible passage is Mark 6:1-13


Sunday 27th June

Across barriers

This week we explore reaching out of the crowd for help.


Sunday 20th June

Big questions

This week we explore being heard in the storms of our lives.


Sunday 6th June

The in-crowd

This week we explore how what we say or do creates or breaks down community.


Sunday 30th May

Getting to know God

This week we explore experiencing God in mystery and closeness.


Sunday 23rd May

Filled to overflowing

This week we explore God’s Spirit pouring out to the whole of creation.


Sunday 16th May

The potential of prayer

This week we explore Jesus’ prayer for his friends in uncertain times.