Walking Nativity

On 14th December, several people braved the weather and  gathered at Horam Chapel for a cup of hot chocolate.  We then proceeded to walk to various locations around the village where we spent a short time singing carols and hearing part of the nativity story, finally ending up at ChristChurch for soup and mince pies.

We had a Roman Centurian ordering us to travel to our home towns to register.  The was no room at the (Horam) Inn.  Jesus was ‘born’.  Whilst everyone tried to dodge the rain at the village hall, the Shepherds tried to dodge the cars whilst telling of the angels visit.  After a bit of star hunting, we met the wise men at ChristChurch. Wise, we think, because they were standing under some shelter, whilst the rest of us got wet.

Thanks to Phil Williams, here are some photos of the evening: