Sunday 8th November

New Beginnings

This week we’ll be continuing in our series, looking at the book of Ruth – Loving Kindness in Action.

This week we’ll be looking at ‘New Beginnings’ – A fresh start can be every day or once in a lifetime, all begin with God.

Reading: Ruth 1:19-22 & Ruth 2:1-23

Song: Bless the Lord O my soul

New beginnings

Have a think about a new beginning you’ve had recently, or perhaps a little further back, and think about why you had that new beginning, or what caused you to have that new beginning.

There’s often lots of reasons why new beginnings happen – different circumstances, or perhaps choice.

New beginnings can be quite scary at first – they’re often a big step to leave something ‘safe’.

Object lesson

What happens if you mix margarine, flour, sugar, and eggs? You can make cakes. On their own, the ingredients aren’t that exiting – they have to be mixed together. But once mixed, it’s impossible to separate them, we have to continue making the cake.

Once we’ve made that step with a new beginning, it’s often impossible to go back. We need to keep moving forwards.

It’s a bit like our step to follow God. We’ve taken that decision to leave the old things behind and to move forwards. Our lives should be different.

Song: Strength will rise


Today is Remembrance Sunday, so we’re going to spend a little time reflecting on this.

The Church of England have produced this video to help us reflect as we come up to spend some time in silence remembering all that happened in the great wars, and wars that are going on now in different countries.

It’s really good to remember that although all these awful things happen, we know that God is in control and that we can put our trust in Him.

Song: Behold our God


Charles Earwicker

Song: Yet not I but through Christ in me