Sunday 6th September

Daniel – First Pride, then the Crash

This week we’ll be continuing our series on Daniel, looking at Daniel 4:1-37 and Daniel 5:1-12

Song: King of kings, majesty

Song: Far and near, hear the call

A couple of songs there that reflected on God being the Lord of all – the King of kings – majesty, and then the whole earth recognising that God has called us to be His people. When I was reading this story, particularly in Daniel 4 – Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – and how he had to recognise that there was someone greater that him, it’s just such a fantastic story.

Reading: Daniel 4:1-37

It’s quite a long story, but it’s great – when we look around at our world, we see people who talk about themselves and what they can do, but it’s all under God’s control, all under His command, and we recognise that here this morning. Most of us would recognise that God is King, and that He’s the one who gives all these things, and it’s to Him that we give all praise.

Song: Great is the Lord

Reading: Daniel 5:1-12


Charles Earwicker

Song: Guardian