Sunday 4th July

God sufficient

This week we explore being prepared to be vulnerable.

The Bible passage is Mark 6:1-13

Song: Lord I come to you


The theme for today is ‘God sufficient’ and the passage we’ll be looking as is where Jesus say when you go on a journey, not to take anything with you.

We all bring different things to church – Bibles, clothing, lists, phones, other people, bags, umbrellas, magnifying glasses, etc. There’s a lot of things that we’ve become reliant upon. The notes we have introduced this as having the bare necessities. Sorry, but this is what springs to mind…….

Not really sure of the relevance, however.

As Christians we know that God provides all our needs, but we don’t always trust that. Perhaps that’s what God is calling us to do – to trust Him.

As we come to focus our minds on Jesus and what He’s done for us – He went to the cross and gave His everything for us – we’ll have this next song.

Song: Jesus, all for Jesus

Song: I give you my heart

Reading: Mark 6:1-13


Charles Earwicker

Song: I will follow