Sunday 29th November


This week we’ll be continuing in our series, looking at the book of Ruth – Loving Kindness in Action.

This week we’ll be looking at ‘Witnesses’ – Whatever we do or say is heard and seen by somebody.

The reading will be Ruth 4:9-21

Song: I am who you say I am

So we’ve been looking through the book of Ruth and that’s very much the words of this song – Ruth was chosen, and not forsaken. Naomi was not forsaken. God was with them and there was a plan for their lives. Also that story of love in that Boaz showed his love for Ruth.

The subject today is ‘witnesses’. We’re all witnesses in a way. We can witness things in our day to day lives – if we see a crime, we might be called to be a witness. We might witness great national events. Things we have knowledge or experience about. We’re also witnesses to what God has done in our own lives. We can each have a story about what God has done for us – we’re witnesses to that. When the opportunity arises we can witness to others about what God has done for us.

It’s also good to remind ourselves what God has done, and as we go into another song, we’re reminded that God has done so much for us in giving His Son and sending Him for us, and His love for us in doing that. We can bear witness for that.

Song: Your love defends me

Song: Heaven

Reading: Ruth 4:9-17


Song: Be thou my vision