Sunday 28th March (Palm Sunday)


Song: Hosanna

The cross

“Hosanna” was the shout of praise that the crowds shouted as Jesus entered Jerusalem, and they waved palm branches. The title for today is “King” and as people worshipped Jesus as King, they took palm branches and waved them and laid them on the road.

These aren’t palm branches, but will serve as the symbol to go on the cross, of the palm branches that people laid down as Jesus entered Jerusalem.

As we come together to praise Him, we aren’t waving branches, but it’s symbolic – acknowledging that Jesus is the one who is the King, the one who is worthy of all our worship, the one who is worthy of all our praise.

Song: Praise is rising

Song: King of kings, majesty

Reading: Matthew 21:6-11


Julian Delves

Song: Salvation belongs to our God