Sunday 20th June

Big questions

This week we explore being heard in the storms of our lives.

Song: In Christ alone


Often when questions are asked of Dad’s sometimes they’re met with a response more like snoring. Sometimes the response we get isn’t what we anticipate. In our Bible reading today, the disciples were in the midst of this big question – they wanted to ask Jesus what was going on, so they confronted Him.

Sometimes we have big questions of God, and sometimes we’re met with silence – we don’t always see the answers. Today we’re going to be exploring that a bit more.

We do know that whatever we’re going through, we do have a father in heaven, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Our father in heaven isn’t like the dads in this video, but He knows us intimately and cares for us.

Song: The Father’s song

Song: Hold on

Reading: Mark 4:35-41


Robin Jones

Song: My troubled soul