Sunday 1st November


This week we’ll be continuing in our series, looking at the book of Ruth – Loving Kindness in Action.

This week we’ll be looking at ‘Choices’ – True prayer is when our desires are secondary.

The reading will be Ruth 1:6-18

Song: Trust in you

Overview of Ruth

Song: Blessed be your name

Opening Thought

Life is full of decisions. You make over 35,000 choices every day… that’s insane!
Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that you make about 226 decisions each day on food alone.

Most are just our routine bits and bobs: of choosing between toast or cereal, deliberating on new colour schemes for the bedroom or deciding whether we go out and shop now or leave it till the rain clears up.

There are also those choices we make which are momentous and life-changing. The core twelve verses from Ruth this week speak to us of just those kind of decisions. Let’s take a closer look at the picture.

Reading: Ruth 1:6-18

Song: I give you my heart

Three Widows

Song: Lost in wonder

Song: Who is there like you