Sunday 1st August

Just Ask

This week we explore the question: what must we do to perform the works of God?

Song: Beloved and blessed

Song: Jesus lover of my soul

Song: Behold the Lamb

Song: Living Hope

Reading: John 6:24-35


Discussion Questions:

  • What do we need or want?
  • What is essential to our day or to our lives?
  • Do we ever tell ourselves that we could do without certain things?
  • Jesus told the crowds that had followed him across the water that all God wanted from them was to believe in him (Jesus).
  • How far do our lives reflect a desire to focus on what God gives and wants from us today?
  • How can we relate this to a world that is always planning for tomorrow?
  • Do we trust that God will provide enough tomorrow, so we can share what we have today with others?

Song: Fathers embrace