Sunday 16th May

The potential of prayer

This week we explore Jesus’ prayer for his friends in uncertain times.


How do we pray? Where do we pray? Use the following questions to think about what you prefer (there are no right or wrong answers):

  • Do you prefer silent prayer or spoken?
  • On your own or together with others?
  • Said or sung?
  • From a book or make up your own?
  • Sitting, kneeling or standing?
  • With or without actions?
  • Is your ‘holy place’ inside or outside?
  • Which most inspires you spiritually: beautiful worship or beautiful scenery?
  • Prayers for those in need or more about ourselves?

In short, there are many ways to pray and many types of prayers. We all have personal preferences in this as in many other aspects of life.

Song: Build your kingdom here

Reading: John 17:6-21

Today’s Gospel reading is part of a prayer of Jesus for his friends, not long before his death. He knows that the disciples will face difficult and uncertain times. His prayer – his conversation with his Father – can help us to understand the breadth and potential of prayer – whatever our preferences – as something that informs and shapes everything that we are and everything that we do.

Part 1

Song: The Father’s embrace

Part 2

Song: All my days

Song: Yet not I