Sunday 11th April

Testing truth

This week we explore how we come to believe.

Song: You said

When I was looking for songs, I came across that one and thought that it provided a good link between all that’s gone on this last week, particularly Friday with the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Life is finite, and people in the world are generally searching for ‘why are we here?’. Everyone’s busy but where’s it all going? Then it turns to what Jesus said – ‘You said….’ – and the song goes through some of the things that Jesus said. Then there’s also that refrain ‘I believe’ which makes it personal to us. We have something way beyond what sometimes the world often sees, we have an understanding because we have sight of Jesus and of God and what He said, and we believe in that truth.

This is what we’re thinking about this morning – that thing about truth. In years gone by things seemed a lot easier, a lot more black and white, a lot easier to differentiate right from wrong. But truth seems to have a wider range now, there are no absolutes it sometimes seems. We have to make daily decisions, it seems, as to what is true.

That’s why this story of Thomas is so interesting – he had to go through this process of finding out what truth was, and that is what Charles will be talking about later. Thomas had missed out when the other disciples had seen Jesus, so he wanted to see the evidence for himself. He was trying to work out what to believe, and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. He was often called doubting Thomas, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Hopefully God will help us as we focus on Him in our worship, and we turn to Him as the one who can help us sort out what the truth is.

Song: Good, good father

Song: Water you turned into wine

Reading: John 20:19-31


Charles Earwicker

Song: Because he lives