Friday 5th June – Muddy river


This video might be more suitable for younger children. Older ones can read the story in the Bible if they have one, or click the following link. It can be found in 2 Kings chapter 5 (2 Kings 5)


Join in if you remember the actions (or just make them up if you don’t!)


You need one plastic milk bottle with lid.

Cut round the lines shown including the man. Make sure the lid can still screw on to the bottle!

You might need someone to help you cut this out.

Decorate the outside using paint, felt tips, cut out pieces of paper, or a picture drawn on paper and stuck on (or anything else you can find!)

If painting or using felt tips, be careful to let it dry before touching it.

Draw face on Naaman, and hook him onto the side of the river.

Fill with muddy water, make a garden, or just use it to put things in.

Photo Gallery

Take some pictures of your creations and send them in so we can see what you have been doing and we will add them to the bottom of this page. They won’t appear straight away – I’ll add them later in the day).

Here’s some pictures we’ve received so far: