Friday 2nd April

Good Friday

Today we will be doing a brief recap of events leading up to this day, before looking at the cross itself.

Part 1 – Prepare the way, Betrayal, and Servant

Mark 1:1-4, 9-11
Matthew 26:14-16
Matthew 27:3-4
John 13:2-5,12,14,17

Song: Servant King

Part 2 – Humanity, Suffering, and Humiliation

Mark 14:32-36
Mark 15:9-13,15
Matthew 27:27-31

Song: When I survey

Part 3 – King, Broken, and Crucified

Matthew 21:6-11
John 16:19-22
John 17:20-23
Mark 15:22-30

Song: Man of sorrows

Good Friday Reflection

‘Come to the Cross’ that’s our invitation this Good Friday

The symbols that have been laid this morning and the scripture readings provide us with reminders of what Jesus has done and what he went through to demonstrate God’s great love for us.

  1. The trumpet reminds us that the way was prepared, the events of the cross were not some random series of events, it was part of God’s plan.
  2. The silver coins represent the betrayal that Jesus suffered from one of his closest group of friends.
  3. The bowl and cloth shows us of the servant nature of Jesus and the invitation to us to follow this example and put others before ourselves.
  4. The cup is representative of Jesus’ humanity – ‘My soul is overwhelmed….. take this cup from me.’
  5. The whip reminds us of Jesus’ suffering. The God of heaven, yielding to the hand of men and suffering cruel beating.
  6. The crown of thorns is a symbol of humiliation, being mocked ‘Hail, king of the Jews’
  7. The tree branches symbolise the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday where he was worshipped as King.
  8. The cloth represents brokenness, that there are times of grief but there is joy that will follow.
  9. And lastly the nails. Jesus crucified. For God so loved the world, he gave his only son.

Come to the cross.

Whether we have been a Christian, a follower of Jesus, for a long time or we know very little about him or the bible or what it means to be a Christian, the invitation is the same, Come to the cross.

Song: The wonder of the cross