Friday 12th June – David & Goliath


Today’s story will be very well known, and can be found in 1 Samuel chapter 17 (1 Samuel 17). Older ones, why not read it for yourself before watching the video’s?

There are two video’s below about David and Goliath. The first is a fun 36 second animation with no words. The second actually tells the story. 🙂

Saul (the King) was the one who should really have faced Goliath, but he was too scared. The whole army was scared, because all they could see was a huge problem – Goliath. They thought it was such a big problem, that there was no chance they’d win. For over a month, no-one was brave enough to fight this giant.

Until David came along. Just a boy. Tiny, compared to Goliath. BUT he trusted in God. He knew that nothing was impossible for God, and that God would help him win.

I think David took everybody by surprise. Especially Goliath!

This really helped David, who became the King many years later. He’d learnt that God was someone who could be trusted, and relied upon to help him in every situation.

The world we live in is a very different place to when David faced Goliath, but God hasn’t changed! We still have big problems! Whether it’s family, or ‘friends’, or school, (or lack of school!), or money, or illness, or exams, or work, there are things in life that we find really hard to deal with. But nothing is too big for God to handle. If we ask Him to help us, He will.


And although we had this next song a couple of weeks ago, it fits this story so well. No matter what we’re facing, it’s not too big for God to care about, or help with.


Here’s how to make two different sorts of slingshots. The first is a little harder, and will need you to find the right sort of branch, which might not be easy. The second is a little easier.

I strongly suggest you only throw screwed up bits of paper and nothing harder!!!!

Slingshot 1 (harder)

You will need:

  • a forked branch
  • a couple of elastic bands
  • 2 small sticks (like matchsticks with the heads broken off)
  • a piece of cloth (like an old dishcloth)
  • some scrap paper
  • scissors

Get someone to help you CAREFULLY saw about 1.5cm down both forks.

(If you aren’t able to make a cut, then don’t worry. Leave the elastic bands a little bit longer in a couple of steps time, and instead of sliding the bands into the slots, tie them to the forks instead)

Cut a piece of cloth about 10cm x 7cm

Tie an elastic band to end end of the cloth, leaving about 4 or 5cm in one of the loops in each band.

Then wrap the other loop round and round the end of the cloth

Slide each band into one of the slots you made earlier, and put the matchstick through the loop, then pull tight

Now take your scrap paper (half a sheet of A4 is about the right size) and screw it up as tight as you can

Carefully put the paper into the cloth, hold the branch firmly, and pull the cloth and paper back towards you.

Aim (carefully and not at somebody!) and then let go of the paper.

Slingshot 2 (easier)

You will need:

  • some string or wool
  • a piece of cloth (like an old dishcloth)
  • some scrap paper
  • scissors

Cut a piece of cloth about 10cm x 7cm

Tie a piece of string about 40cm to one end of the cloth, then make a loop (which will fit over your finger) in the other end.

Then tie a piece of string about 30cm to the other end of the cloth.

Now take your scrap paper (half a sheet of A4 is about the right size) and screw it up as tight as you can

Place the loop over one of your fingers, and hold the loose end lightly under your thumb

Place the paper ball into the cloth

Hold it something like this (outside the house is probably a good idea!).

Now pretend you’re throwing a ball (either overhand or underhand). When your hand reaches half way, let go of the loose bit of string.

The paper ball should continue flying forwards

Why not set up some toy figures (in a safe place) and see how many you can knock over. Or see if you can come up with a better design.

Photo Gallery

Take some pictures of your creations and send them in so we can see what you have been doing and we will add them to the bottom of this page. They won’t appear straight away – I’ll add them later in the day).

Here’s some pictures we’ve received so far: