Ash Wednesday (1st day of Lent)

Prepare The Way

Song: Make Straight, Charlie Hall

Reading: Mark 1:1-13

Construct a simple cross and decide where you will put it in your home – it should be somewhere visible and crucial to your daily routine, such as in the kitchen, or in the living room. (Perhaps where you would normally have your Christmas tree?)

Display the cross in the chosen position, by propping it up against a wall, hanging it from a hook mounted on the door or wall, or placing it in a plant pot filled with stones to weight it down and wedge the cross upright.

While you are making your cross, take some time to think or talk about the people, situations and issues that you care about – think about your friends, family, neighbours, community, country, leaders and other nations…. particularly consider individuals, groups or nations who are on your heart because they are living in poverty, or facing grief or suffering, and especially think about those who don’t know about, or haven’t yet experienced, God’s love for them.

Make a list, poster or pin-board of all these people, adding pictures or photos if you would like to and decide where you will put your prayer list/poster/board that you can come back to it throughout Lent. (It’s up to you how often you decide to do this, it could be before supper each day, or once a week, but try to fit it in with the routine of your home so it’s easy to build in over the next few weeks.)

Each week, or day, during Lent depending on what you decided

  • Thank God for sending his Son, and praise him for who he is. (You might like to keep a list of all the things you think of to thank him for as you go through Lent)
  • Choose one or two things from the prayer list/poster/notice-board that you created on Ash Wednesday to pray about. And if you find it helpful to do so, write your prayers down on small-ish pieces of paper, and put them on your cross.

The Cross

There will be a cross at the Chapel that we will be adding things to during this time (and we will add photos here each week). You may want to join in with this at home if you wish. This time it is a trumpet to remind us that Jesus left Heavens glory to find us and bring us back to God.

Closing prayer

Lord Jesus, as we remember that you left heaven’s glory to find us, and bring us back to God, we pray that you would prepare our hearts once more to welcome you as king, and use us to help make straight your path for others too.